Dear Reader

Dear Reader, Do you sometimes feel left out? Do you feel like sometimes you are alone in trying to find community? You have people you see regularly, and they smile…you smile back. You even hang out with them once in a while, but still yet there is a hole that seems left gaping. We put […]

Dear Reader

Dear Reader, I pray you are encouraged today. I pray that no matter what happens today, you get to smile, laugh, and feel accepted in some way by someone on this beautiful gift called earth. Even if for only a moment. However, I am more prayerful that you get to experience something much greater than […]

Dear Reader

Dear Reader, Today I want you to know that you were created with a purpose. Do you know how beautiful and desired you are? Did you know that despite what you may think, you are here for a reason? You are not just matter floating around aimlessly. Rather, you have been purposed as a wife, […]

Dear Reader

Dear Reader, Yesterday I asked some pretty intrusive questions. My intentions were not meant to be accusatory, but enlightening. My desire was to enlighten you to the fact that you are not alone in your questions that run your mind. There are more of us out there that tend to WAY over analyze situations, things, […]

Dear Reader

Dear Reader, What did your day look like? How accomplished do you feel? Are you satisfied with your performance? Are you headed towards where you want to go? What was lacking in your day? Is there anyone you are angry with? Anyone you need to apologize to? What about anyone you got annoyed with…did you […]

When Heaven Kisses Earth

There is something bitter sweet about maturing. As the years pass, experience can take a toll on one’s soul. Pride can be replaced with humility; foolishness with wisdom, and ignorance with knowledge and understanding.  Unfortunately as we get older, we learn that time is precious and that the things we thought we would get to, […]

A Mother’s Day Prayer

Heavenly Father, May EVERY woman reading this know, that she knows,…That. She. KNOWS…..She is enough. Not because of anything she can or cannot do…but because of what YOU have already done. Your grace fuels our enoughness. It is the catalyst that fuels the gift of peace and the ability to get back up when life […]

When in Waiting

God is so amazingly glorious and sovereign and mighty. Let us not zap the amazement right out of the experience because we have neglected to ask Him what is standing in the way. Let us be willing to go into waiting, so we come out refined and able to do that thing He’s created us for more diligently, faithfully, and affectively. I love you all so much! Be of good cheer, my sister! Our God is faithful and He will see to completion every good work He begins in us til the return of our Lord, Jesus Christ. (Philippians 1:6)


Father, may we get to experience you and all your goodness more. We cry out in desperation, “please reveal to us what is standing in the way of ALL you have for us today”. Thank you for your love and the grace that You provide so we are able to grow up in Your ways. Forever we praise and ask in YESHUA’s great name. Amen!