All for His Glory

As I begin this new and exciting…scary and nerve-racking…and did I say exciting…venture, I will acknowledge and give ALL the credit to God. It seems with every invitation set before me comes with it a huge packet of emotions. These would include nerves….can I trust Him, apprehention…is this really an invitation that God has ordained, worry… am I good enough to fulfill what is set before me, tears with fear…is this what He has purposed. The list can go on. However, as I begin to pray, walk by faith with one foot in front of the other…as I read and speak His word, and actually begin to live out and say yes to His invitations…only then does it all start to make sense. See, the only person who messes up His purpose for your life is, well, you. You decide to forgive or not forgive, you decide to believe His Word or reject it, you decide to accept His invitations or to ignore them. You decide. So, as I write my first blog, I decide yes. 🙂 No matter what happens, no matter how successful, no matter how many readers…I sit with confidence today and say yes. I say yes because I know it is ALL for HIS glory, not mine. So it doesn’t matter if I’m not good enough or ‘feel’ inadequate. It is not about me. It is about Him and I will not be ashamed to live a life He has appointed strictly for me. It is my race and one that will be ran well as long as I keep saying yes to Him and no to me and my so called ‘feelings’. He says I’m good enough because He makes me enough. He says I’m adequate because He equips me.

So, as I say yes, I encourage you to reflect on your today. Reflect on your race. Are you getting in the way of His invitations? We often compare ourselves to others and rate accordingly. I’m not as good as (blank), or (blank) is closer to God then I am, or she has her life together and I’m a mess. Well, gals…we are messy, but we are beautiful. We are big beautiful messes that God loves. It is easy, VERY easy, trust me I struggle also, to get in this mind set, but don’t listen to the lies. It is your race, you verses you, and He is faithful. If He calls you, He will equip you. So, what step is your next step…choosing Jesus as your Savior, forgiveness, receiving the holy spirit, reading your bible routinely, learning what in Christ means, believing and trusting what God has currently revealed to you, seeing yourself as God sees you…what is your next step? Pray about it and say YES. No matter what, say YES!!! He is faithful!

I get to love you and pray for you because He first loved me. I’m so honored God has trusted me with this blog and it will forever be for Him, not for me.

I can’t wait to continue telling my story because my story is a story of HIM 🙂

Much love,

Me 🙂



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