Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

Do you sometimes feel left out? Do you feel like sometimes you are alone in trying to find community? You have people you see regularly, and they smile…you smile back. You even hang out with them once in a while, but still yet there is a hole that seems left gaping.

We put on a facade to temporarily feel accepted, but deep inside are so many open wounds that we bury to avoid the pain. We keep smiling and moving forward thinking, “It is what it is.”

Oh reader how I know this feeling all too well. As I write this, I am guarding my own heart against the lies. The lies that say I need to be accepted by man and fit in. The lies that say my children need to fit in. Father, forgive me for my pride. We are in the seat of a victor, not a victim. As hard as it is sometimes we have got to fight our way through the pain of emotions. Feel them, then speak truth to yourself until your choices line up with that truth. It’s is hard. I totally get it, but we are called to choices not emotions. May our idols of pride, control, and a need for acceptance by man come down. We have been delivered from the lies of the enemy. Therefore, we need to start living like it no matter the cost or how uncomfortable it is.

Severing the lies with you,

A Sister in Christ

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