Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

Today I want you to know that you were created with a purpose. Do you know how beautiful and desired you are? Did you know that despite what you may think, you are here for a reason? You are not just matter floating around aimlessly. Rather, you have been purposed as a wife, a friend, a neighbor, a mother, an employee, etc.  We are so much to so many around us so why do we look around? Because it is easier, maybe? I am not sure, but what I would like to encourage you to do today is to say to yourself that you are beautiful and accepted. Tell yourself that you are desired and loved. No matter how you feel about it. Look at yourself and tell yourself that you have a purpose and that you will never give up on your assignments for the day. Even if it is only for a moment, choose to love yourself. Not in a prideful way, but in a way that says God does not make mistakes. He sees something in me worthy to have fought for and still fights for. May we receive and ask for the gift of sight to see those same things He sees in us.

I am reading The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask and I think what this author writes is worthy to quote. Mark Mittelberg writes, “Real love can never be forced. The idea of “forced love” is actually an oxymoron-a contradiction in terms. Either it’s forced or it’s love, but it can’t be both because real love is always, by definition, freely chosen.”

If love is freely chosen and God freely chooses to love us, then why can’t we freely choose to love ourselves and the seasons we are in? Hard or easy, the season we are in and the things we have, the way we look or the daily assignments we have….may we freely choose to love ourselves and where we are at. If love was not a choice, then I would not have to be writing this because we would naturally love ourselves without any thought. However, since love is, by definition, a choice why would loving ourselves require anything less than a choice?

So reader, I pray you receive His overflowing love that He freely chooses to give you today and wants you to receive. Please look at yourself in the mirror and say, “If God freely chooses to loves me, then I will freely choose to love me also. I accept who I am and the roles I have been given today.”

In this with you,

A Sister in Christ

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