When in Waiting


First let me say, I have missed writing on here like something crazy. However, I have found that during these times of silence….God shows up mightily and strengthens me beyond my belief. I am never who I was, but yet, one step closer to who God created me to be. Hallelujah!

One is not able to give what one does not have themselves.  Therefore, there are times we must be of good courage and wait on our Lord as He WILL strengthen us, AMEN!

I was not even sure if I was suppose to continue to writing on here, but as I proceeded to walk out obedience, the time away was more to gather my thoughts. See I LOVE to read. I mean L.O.V.E., LOVE to read. Anyone who knows me knows I have Jesus in my heart, coffee in my hands, and a book by my side always….but what I was completely unaware of, was my idolization of learning. I desired learning about God more then the experience of God. Oh, and ladies…the experience is so much more then the knowledge.

I like to call them my hugs from my Father. You know those moments? It is the warmth of His sun on your face at just the right moment. The miracle of a child’s life becoming stable after they have been fighting every breath to stay alive and you have diligently prayed daily for survival. Oh, or the smile on a face of someone who God encouraged through you. You know that tingly feeling, or light gentle breeze you feel and know it His spirit upon you. Oh, ladies…these ARE. WORTH. WAY. MORE. WAY more then pulling a part sermons and verses.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that knowledge and the love of learning more of what is behind the verse is a part of my gifting to teach. However, He has lovingly revealed to me that He is going to reel it in, prioritize, and gently teach me how to balance my intellect. Oh, how beautiful my sister…how beautiful that HE cares for us as much as HE does.

I have always had such a busy mind, ladies..which explains why I chose to get my masters in Chemistry, but busy nonetheless. I can tell you, that the business of a methodical mind can become very dainty and exhausting. I could not even read one book at a time. I had to read five all on the same topic, with commentaries and dictionaries and a concordance, which again is not bad, but should be balanced. 🙂

See we take the first step, then the next. A person with a mind like mine was, this is not easy. It was, take a step, while thinking about the 15 after, as well as every way that could possibly lead to them, on top of the other ways possible if those did not work….are you experiencing this exhaustion just as you read. Shew we, I am.

Do you experience exhaustion? Maybe not by way of your intellect, but with tasks, to dos, crafts, or other thoughts. If so, then I encourage you to ask Him to seek your ways and heart, and to reveal what you might be idolizing that is causing the exhaustion. Is it knowledge, is it cleaning, is it perfection, is it performance, is it control, is it business….what do you desire more then God, my sister? Then begin to walk in obedience by crucifying it daily and replacing it with what He provided you to replace it with…peace, joy, love, self control, gentleness, patience, faithfulness, kindness, goodness.

There is nothing gentle, patient, joyful, or self-controlled about a busy mind or body. It stretches our rubber band and makes us vulnerable to snap and break on anyone, who we would otherwise enjoy loving in rather than yelling at. Can I get a hand raised with an amen?

Come on girls, ladies, women, and daughters of the most High God. Let’s lay it down and experience God MORE then that thing. AMEN!

God is so amazingly glorious and sovereign and mighty. Let us not zap the amazement right out of the experience because we have neglected to ask Him what is standing in the way. Let us be willing to go into waiting, so we come out refined and able to do that thing He’s created us for more diligently, faithfully, and affectively. I love you all so much! Be of good cheer, my sister! Our God is faithful and He will see to completion every good work He begins in us til the return of our Lord, Jesus Christ. (Philippians 1:6)


Father, may we get to experience you and all your goodness more. We cry out in desperation, “please reveal to us what is standing in the way of ALL you have for us today”. Thank you for your love and the grace that You provide so we are able to grow up in Your ways. Forever we praise and ask in YESHUA’s great name. Amen!



3 thoughts on “When in Waiting

  1. Mmm hmmm my sweet sister! The refining of our Father God! A refining that’s necessary, so that what we have to offer to our Holy God is ONLY righteousness! As we so personally know- He will NOT share His glory. And when we are taking HIS glory and dividing it with all that competes for His rightful place in our lives- He, out of His love, and protection- will draw us back in- and show us His way. Wooooweee! What a Savior! Saving us daily! Amen? Thank you for your transparency. May your lessons bring blessings to all who read! In Jesus Christ’s name, amen!

    Love, Leslie


  2. Excellent and beautiful my precious pumpkin…. Great Word our G-d is doing in you and for others you are touching with such wisdom. Blessings over you and may everything you put your hands to prosper for His Glory. Amen and Amen

    Love and Hugs with Prayers always, Nona


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