Weekly prayer; tears of sorrow


Dear Heavenly Father,

My heart weighs heavy today as so many lives continuously are claimed by the darkness of this world. So much pain circles around us. The inner struggle remains real and continuous for all of us.

For some, the pain is too great. The war within is far too much to bare and the only way is to silence the voices once and for all. Pain overcomes the battle and the joy within is suffocated by the trials and tribulations of this world. Hope is no longer tangible, but fear of tomorrow drowns us in today.

My God, my God…please do not forsaken us. Please do not leave us! Wake us up to our worth, Father. Allow change in us, so others are uplifted by the hope we find in You to overcome the darkness.

Love is the driving force, not judgement. Forgive us of our hypocrisy and lack of compassion. May we seek your love and leave out the fingers pointed towards others.

May God have mercy on all of us as we learn to stop focusing on our achievements, and start remembering how much pain still floats in a world ruled by darkness.

We are the city on a hill. We are the salt and light of the earth. We have to stop sneering at the homeless and hand them a sandwich. We need to stop judging the addicted, the prostitute, the poor, and start recognizing that their pain outweighs their joy. We need to hug them. Love them. Pray with them. Tell them they are WORTHY and LOVED and EQUAL and NEEDED. Tell them that the hope may currently be drowned by pain, but through lots of hard work, the joy will begin to produce air bubbles through the pain of recovery, and that air is awaiting at the top of this pool we call pain.

Our assignment is to allow others to recognize their worth through the redemptive work and saving grace of our Savior. Let us not forget this! We must love our brothers and sisters. God loves every single person in this universe! EVERYONE.

My cry is for everyone to know they are worthy and matter!!!! May the light of this world become brighter than the darkness. Awaken!!! Awaken!!!!!!!

In Jesus’ mighty name do I humbly and repentantly come,



One thought on “Weekly prayer; tears of sorrow

  1. Amen my precious.. Amen… We are all called to allow His beautiful Light to shine through us in a dark and painful world. Be His Spark that eliminates the darkness!

    Love and Hugs Nona


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