Weekly prayer; in honor of our men, husbands, and fathers

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Abba Father!

Thank you for choosing us and allowing us to have the privilege of being re-birthed into Your kingdom. Made new as we have been provided with the grace needed to clean our lives up. To allow sanctification as we choose to be set a part for Your purposes.

Praise YOU, Lord, for the men in our lives. Allow us, Father, to cultivate in ours hearts the responsibility we have to build our men up. We desire sons, husbands, and fathers who fear You, Lord, but we must get out of the way for this to happen.

Restore our hearts and change our view of our men. We are called to respect them. I pray every bond is severed, every strong hold is broken, in the name of Jesus, pertaining to the notion that men are anything less then the head of our households. They are the providers who we are called to respect and honor. Forgive us for dementioning their worth and role. Convict us, change us, strengthen us, Lord, to stand up for our men so they are able to be who You have intended them to be, and to fulfill the roles they were created to fill.

Praise YOU, Lord, for our men and may they fear You only. We choose to lay ourselves down, so they may rise up. We hand over our need for control over them, Father. Forgive us!

Thank you for our men! Thank YOU, for the love and respect they have towards us as their wives, friends, daughters, grand-daughters, mothers, family members, and/or coworkers. May we not take for granted the role you have allowed us to play in their lives. May we recognize our assignments and find joy in fulfilling them through the love, devotion, and desire we have for serving others for You and YOUR purposes. All for Your glory and YOUR honor. Forever and ever. In Jesus’ mighty name!

Happy Father’s day my Abba Father, as well as every man who has an adopted, biological, and/or spiritual child; in addition to those who desire, or are patiently and prayerfully waiting, to one day be a Father. It is a huge assignment and may God fully prepare you, bless you, and continuously be with you through your role as a dad, granddad, husband, friend, family member, leader, and/or coworker. You matter!!!! Much gratitude for your lives.


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