Weekly Prayer; thankful for the final Offering, pleasing and perfect to the Lord


Dear Heavenly Father,

All blessing and honor and praise be to You, Father. To our God that wanted to reconcile His people to Him enough that You would humble Yourself by coming down and walking among men. A representation of divinity and humanity in one being. Walking blamlessly among Your children so that we may be served, taught, and then ultimatly lead back to You because it is ALL about our relationship with You.

Thank YOU, Lord, for our final offering. For our Christ, our Savior, our YESHUA!!!! Who is the truth, the life, and the way. The way to You! Eternal life that comes with peace as YESHUA is the Prince of Peace. Apart from the cross, there is no peace as man destroys everything it touches, but You, God…YOU are everything perfect and wonderful and just. You are mercy, love, grace, and the changer of hearts. You are able to do what we are not able to do for ourselves and it is all possible through the blood shed by Jesus at the cross. I am Yours and NOTHING can pluck me from Your hand. Hallelujah!!!!!

Thank you Lord…I praise YOU and thank YOU!!!

Forever Your child because of Jesus and it is through Him I get to pray, AMEN!



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