Weekly Prayer; Trusting in You, my God


O my God…how my heart desires for wisdom, the secret hidden things that only You can give light to.

There is a lot of change going on all around us, but I desire to put my trust in You. My eyes cannot see, my ears cannot hear, my mind cannot fully comprehend, but my heart, God, my heart KNOWS that You are in control. You are the ancient of days. The beginning and the end. You are able, my Father, and a part from You, is a very scary place to be.

Doubting comes, but I choose You and Your ways. I choose to tust in You completely as I lay my doubt at the cross and pick up belief as many times I need to. I will not stop. I will give my very best. Even if my best does not appear to be much to the human eye.

You, Lord, are the keeper of my heart, and know that I love You and am doing everything I can to fight against my flesh and the things of this world.

Thank you for allowing me to be enough. I do not want to seek man’s approval, but forever choose to trust You and Your ways. Praise YOU always and forever! I cannot trust and fear at the same time. So, I choose trust.

Thank You for where I am today so that I am prepared for where You are taking me tomorrow.

My hope and trust is in You.

In my Savior’s name I pray, Amen!



One thought on “Weekly Prayer; Trusting in You, my God

  1. Beautiful my precious… I have shared this on my page in FB and with other Jewish groups… You are speaking more truth then you can ever image. Love and Hugs…. Nona


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