Weekly Prayer; an offering pleasing to the Lord

As I began my daily reading in Leviticus, I praise You Father.

To read all the offerings pleasing to You, Lord, and the steps required for the offerings to make wrongs right in Your sight is so humbling. It is humbling to know all that was required in comparison to what is required today.

By You leaving Your throne in Heaven and presenting the final offering here on earth….all wages of sin and death were paid. Every drop of blood shed by the Lamb had our names in it. You righted all of our wrongs, Father! Praise YOU YESHUA… Praise YOU!

I thank You for being the keeper of my soul and the changer of my heart. Search my heart, Father. Grow me up in Your ways.

We are able to fall to our knees in repentance and experience such freedom from oppression. Burdens begin to lift out of our souls as You turn our mourning into dancing.

We praise you, Father. Worthy is the Lamb who was slain. Death has lost its sting so that we may have the strength, given by Your Holy Spirit, to say no to ungodliness and yes to Your righteousness.

Thank you! Continue to convict us so that we may humbly fall to our knees in repentance.

Every day has failures and successes,but regardless of the outcome, You meet me where I am and then turn my tomorrow into better then today. Even if today does not feel like progress forward from yesterday, I hold Your truth in my heart that You are faithful and that You always finish what You start. Finish what You have started in me, Lord. Continue to purify my heart and cleanse my soul…all for Your glory…forever and ever.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made. We matter to You or You would not have done all You have to redeem us. Wake us up to Your purposes set before us. Sever the lies of unworthiness, shame, and guilt. Bring our darkness into the light so that our weaknesses may be exposed, forgiven, and made strong. Praise YOU!

In YESHUA’s precious name I am afforded to pray, AMEN!



6 thoughts on “Weekly Prayer; an offering pleasing to the Lord

    • All glory and honor praise to the King who is gracious and worthy. Who bring light to our darkness. Praising Him with you gal! Oh hallelujah! May Your kingdom continue to come, Father…Your will be done on this earth as itbis in Heaven. Led not into temptation and deliver us from the schemes of the enemy. With hands lifted high to You and You alone. Amen! Love you gal…love you oh so much!


    • Thank you God for Your timing with ALL things. For showing us when we are wrong, and giving us the opportunity to make it right. You open doors, You close the doors…praise You for discernment and wisdom, as well as the courage and strength to choose Your way by setting emotions aside during times when we don’t feel like it!!! Teach me God, discipline me Lord. Allow Your word to triumph over my feelings whenever You deem it necessary. Thank you for refinement!!! Worthy is the Lamb! Hallelujah!

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