Stepping out in Faith

I love you Babydoll! May your blogs and love of people be heard and felt wherever God chooses them to be read/heard. All we have to have is faith of a mustard seed and we can move mountains!  ~with love and support, your Shmalan a.k.a. your hubby


2 thoughts on “Stepping out in Faith

  1. Amen Amen Amen sweet beloved Samantha and Leslie!! My heart pours out praise to God, the Father, Jesus, the Son of God and the Holy Spirit of Almighty God that empowers us from heaven when we yield, surrender and obey the precious word of God. I am honored that God would even allow me such a beautiful relationship in Christ with you both!!! So very proud of you both and most of all, God’s continued faithfulness in His good purposes through you!! I love you both!! MJ

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  2. Praise The King! Our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus! Oh! Just to know we are His beloved, messes and all! That He looks upon us and is well pleased! This tenders my heart every time I thank Him for His opinion of me. “I don’t care what the world says, or anyone in it, Lord, all I care about is what you say of me!” I yell through tears often… Reminding myself of Who’s I am! Samantha, my sister, I am so blessed by your courage to encourage our precious sisters! Too many women cower away from this because we have more disgust toward other women than love. That disgust comes straight from the pit of hell and is a scheme the enemy uses to our detriment. Women, rise up! We are a solution, not a problem! We are a threat to darkness, and the enemy knows it. So he uses unforgivness, bitterness, and resentment to blind us from the bondage he has us in. From the mom we never had a relationship with, to the pretty girl we were betrayed for. The enemy has been working overtime to keep us from encouraging other women… Because when we finally are delivered from the hand of Satan, and forgive, and love with a real love, especially other women…. Things begin to change! All for the Glory of Our Abba Father! I praise Him, that you, my sweet and beautiful sister, have stepped into the freedom our Savior has given us in the pouring out of His own blood! I’m right here with you, expecting to see more of that good fruit blossom and burst forth, in Jesus Christ’s mighty name, Amen! Love, Leslie

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